Tasks can be tracked through their entire life-cycle using the Results Status page.

Here is a more detailed explanation of each World Community Grid result status:

Status Description
In Progress This means that one of your computers aka devices or hosts is currently working on the task or has sitting in cache / buffer "Ready to Start"
Aborted A User canceled jobs before or during processing. This Status also reflects the Server side instructed cancellations telling the client to automatically abort redundant or known bad tasks. Latter only happens when the client has contacted the project servers who sets such an instruction ready.
Detached When a newer client gets dis-associated from this project with tasks still in the cache, will a message be send to the servers to ensure that these tasks get quickly redistributed. With older clients this would not happen and task copies would not get send until the "No Reply" condition occurred.
Error Some event occurred to keep the result from finishing properly. This could be due to a BOINC error or a science application error. These result don't get credit.
No Reply The result was not returned to the server by the time it was due. The task will have been sent to another device, meaning that it probably better to abort the job as credit is not likely [See Too Late].
Pending Validation The result was returned to the server but there have not been enough results for that WU returned to the server yet for validation to be attempted to reach quorum.
Valid The result was returned to the server and was equal to the majority of results returned for the WU and or successfully passed several other verification tests in case of zero redundancy.
Invalid The result was returned to the server and was not found to be equal to the majority of results returned in the quorum. These result are awarded half the credit. Invalid results under the Beta Testing program give full credit (subject to change without notice).
Pending Verification Formerly known as 'Inconclusive', the result was returned to the server and validation was attempted but the system could not determine which result(s) it should consider to be the valid ones. One or more supplemental tasks were sent out. Validation will be attempted again when these extra results are returned.
Too Late The result was returned to the server a long time after it was due and thus no credit was granted. Occasionally serves as fall-back status when circulation of a work unit has been stopped due to too many errors being returned. Too Late tasks due absence of immediate errors get full credit for time, points and result count to be added to My Contribution statistics.
Waiting to Send A transient condition when all copies of the initial distribution have not been downloaded by volunteer clients. Usually seen when a project has been temporarily stopped.
Other The most common reason for this status is that the BOINC server decided that the WU should be sent out to another computer but prior to the WU actually being sent again, the WU was validated.


Result statuses in languages for which website translations are available:

English (en-US) Français (fr-CA) 日本語 (ja-JP) Español (es-MX) 中文 (zh-CN)
In Progress En cours 進行中 En Marcha 进行中
Error Erreur エラー Error 错误
No Reply Pas de réponse 無応答 Sin Respuesta 无响应
Pending Validation Validation en attente 妥当性検査処理中 Pendiente de Convalidación 暂挂验证
Valid Valide 有効 Válido 有效
Invalid Non valide 無効 No Válido 无效
Inconclusive Non concluant 不確定 No Concluyente 不确定
Too Late Trop tard 遅すぎる Demasiado Tarde 太晚
User Aborted Utilisateur abandonné ユーザーの異常終了 Usuario terminado anormalmente 用户已异常中止
Server Aborted Serveur abandonné サーバーの異常終了 Servidor terminado anormalmente 服务器已异常中止

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