If you want to leave World Community Grid and delete your account permanently, simply send a request to the staff using the Contact Us page. This is only for extremely unusual circumstances. If you merely want to stop contributing, no action is required at all.

Manual removal

Members who want to remove their accounts themselves, manually, can follow all (or just some) of the following steps:

  1. Change your member name to something random and non-offensive, such as "LeftForNow99".
  2. Put a non-existing email address in the E-Mail Address field.
  3. Deselect the "Information" option to end receiving newsletters and other notifications.
  4. Clear the Team E-mail box.
  5. Clear out the Team E-mail Address field.
  6. Type a long series of characters into the Password box you can never remember.
  • Save and sign out.

Warning: discarding the password and email address will disable your account permanently. If you want to keep the option of recovering the account at a later date, then don't discard the password.

World Community Grid thanks you for your past contributions and hopes you will return some day to offer any spare CPU cycles to further humanitarian research.

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