Each task has a built-in size limit. If this limit is exceeded, then the task is aborted. This limit is usually much lower than the total disk size limit that you set in your preferences.


Aborting task lp974_00005_17: exceeded disk limit: 95.45MB > 95.37MB
Computation for task lp974_00005_17 finished

Note: The limit is specified in bytes. In this example, 100 000 000 bytes equal 95.3674316 megabytes.


One or more of these problems may cause this error:

  1. The output file or an intermediate file grew larger than expected.
  2. A problem with the work unit causes the error log to grow out of control.
  3. The size limit was specified incorrectly.


Report this error to World Community Grid using the forums. Often a modification to the work unit is required so that it can complete properly.

Further details

The limit is stored in the <rsc_disk_bound>n</rsc_disk_bound> element in the work unit definition.

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