What do the "Cruncher" titles I see in the forum mean?

Despite the name, these titles have nothing to do with how much you crunch. They are based solely on the number of posts you make. Here is how it breaks down:

Posts Title
0 – 49 Cruncher
50 – 149 Advanced Cruncher
150 – 499 Senior Cruncher
500 – 1499 Veteran Cruncher
1500 – 3999 Master Cruncher
4000+ Ace Cruncher

Official titles

Community Advisor
Community Advisors are volunteers. They help with installation, perform troubleshooting and answer queries.
World Community Grid Admin
Staff member – support. The administrators provide general assistance, as well as performing forum housekeeping tasks.
Currently, there are the following 3 forum members who are WCG Admin staff;

World Community Grid Tech

Staff member – developer. The technical staff generally respond only when they are needed.
Currently, there are the following 5 forum members who are WCG Technical staff;

[Project name] Scientist

Official project representative. The project scientists are there to answer any project-specific questions. They don't check the forums every day, so sometimes replies are delayed.
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