This program was discontinued Q4-2015

A Community Advisor is a member who has been identified by World Community Grid as someone who has provided significant assistance to other members in the forums. They help by answering questions, giving advice and performing troubleshooting. They bring any issues or problems that arise in the forums to the attention of the World Community Grid support team.

Community Advisors have no special powers, and do not act as forum moderators or administrators. In particular, they do not have access to private member information or work unit results.

In an emergency, Community Advisors can contact World Community Grid staff directly. For day to day business, they communicate with the staff and each other via a private forum or by email.

The members who are Community Advisors include:

  • Dave Bell †
  • JmBoullier
  • lawrencehardin †
  • retsof
  • SekeRob - Retired
  • stares
  • Robert Taylor - Retired
  • David Autumns - Retired
  • Graham - Retired

Community Advisors are distinguished by an official title on their forum posts.

How do I become a Community Advisor?

There is no application process. The staff and Community Advisors are always looking for potential new advisors, specifically, they are looking for members who help other members on a regular basis.

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