For BOINC beta testing, see BOINC beta testing.

Beta Testing is available for those people who would like to assist World Community Grid in testing work for projects before they are officially launched on World Community Grid. Some projects may need debugging and you might recognize the name of the project; others will be run anonymously. In either case, you will receive credit for Beta Test work just as you would for any other project. We hope this will increase the number of users we have testing projects, which in turn will allow World Community Grid to launch projects that are stable and thoroughly tested.

How it works

You can opt in any of your existing BOINC profiles to receive Beta Test work by going to the Beta Testing page. When Beta Test work is available, you will receive that work before you receive work for any other project (i.e., Beta Test work will take first priority). If there is no Beta Test work currently available, you will receive work from the other projects in which you have chosen to participate.

Beta tasks typically have short deadlines, designed to get the results returned as soon as possible.

Current beta announcements

Team Andrax, The Great International Team! (still small, yet great) - - 1970/01/01 00:00

Mmmm, fresh paper! [;)] For you crunchers that are crunching on your own at the WCG, please consider joining us. 'tis more fun when joining a Team. [%%-] [b][color=green]Welcome to our Team,...

6 letters word game - replace 2 letters - - 1970/01/01 00:00

We'll find a new 6-letter word based on the previous entry and replace 2 of the letters, and I intend this thread to be a replacement of a previous one with the same purpose. [color=crimson]Last entry...

Five Letter Word Game - - 1970/01/01 00:00


4 letter word game - change one letter - - 1970/01/01 00:00

This is a 4 letter word game. We take turns posting a 4 letter word by changing one letter from the previous word. You can also change the sequence of the letters, it is not a problem, but one of th...

4 letter word game - discussion - - 1970/01/01 00:00

Hey, last person to post needs to check their word. Someone got their post in first. [;)]...


Prior to the launch of the Beta Testing project, World Community Grid relied on internal testing. The scale of the internal testing wasn't sufficiently large to trigger bugs that only appear rarely, or under specific conditions. This became evident in 2006 when a bug in Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2 caused a small but unacceptable percentage of work units to fail. The problem was serious enough to require suspending the project until a fix was found.

To help with debugging and tracing this elusive bug, and to prevent similar bugs from affecting other new project launches, World Community Grid created an opt-in meta-project for beta testing. This allowed more involved or technically able contributors to help World Community Grid even further, and gave World Community Grid a large and diverse set of computers for testing.

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