BOINCstats and other gadgets for the computer desktop

The 4 here presented have had several mentions before on the WCG forums. Here an all in one (over)dose to monitor your BOINC job progress.

Gadget screenshot 1

1. This Vista® only gadget shows a rolling view of all the projects a member has contributed to. It updates whenever the website makes new stats data available that the various credit tracker websites keep. Several copies can be loaded if you wish to monitor several members. Just enter the CPID.
2. A new one, it gives the progress for each concurrent job running on the local client. Designed originally for 1 or 2 core CPUs, you can actually add multiple copies of the gadget to the sidebar and specify in the 'core' number it needs to look it. The sample shows the status on a 4 core machine. See no reason why it would not work on a octacore either. The setup only requires to tell in which directory the core client is installed. Different skins allow for matching to your desktop.
3. The older Firefox status bar add-in. Works on Firefox 2.0 and 3.0. Just use the 'make compatible' option to load it. Can list all your projects, and except for WCG jumps to the statistics page of the project that is being shown. Get it on
With the latest patches, any Vista sidebar gadget is now also audited if it's up to something. Incredibly it previously was not. No more need to hover the BOINC icon in the status bar or fire up the BOINCmgr to see progress (particularly if you run your client as a service).
4. This last one has the ability to alert if a science application takes CPU time but is not seeming to make progress. Originally written for Rosetta, it is well capable to particularly monitor Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2. The rv program also monitors other WCG projects. it will alert you if a job has stalled and then if you want, automatically abort it. Along with rv, there is a gadget Vista®, a screenshot to go:
Gadget screenshot 2
If you are interested in using the rosettaview program and the gadget, you can read more about it, and download them free from here:

For the Android Platform several BOINC Manager front ends have been created.




These tools are not always consistently maintained and are not in any way or form endorsed. They may work with older client versions, but not necessarily newer. Tools that make changes should be used with caution. Best is to stop the client completely and make a full backup before running these tools initially.

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