The main program used by World Community Grid members is called BOINC Manager. It is used to view and manage tasks that are in progress. BOINC Manager has two views; the simple view for normal use, and the advanced view for more technical users.

Numbered simple view.svg

  1. Tabs at the top show the tasks that have been started on your computer. A green dot means the task is currently executing.
  2. Details of the task in the selected tab (project and application names).
  3. Slideshow of images about the selected task. If full graphics are available, you can click here to view them.
  4. Task status.
  5. Task progress.
  6. ?: The help button opens the World Community Grid help index in your web browser.
  7. Add Project: opens the Attach Project wizard, which helps you attach to a project.
  8. Icons under My Projects represent the projects to which your computer is attached.
  9. Messages: opens a dialog showing informational messages. When it flashes red, there is a message that requires your attention.
  10. Snooze/Resume: suspends processing temporarily.
  11. Preferences: opens a dialog that lets you set preferences on this computer.
  12. Advanced View: switches to advanced view.

BOINC Manager views.svg

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