Whilst we plaster our posts with all sorts of abbreviations and mnemonics, the guest and new or not so new member will often wonder what they stand for. Not an attempt to become exhaustingly complete here an accumulation of those floating around for WCG related projects, the client and other assorted in alphabetical order. Employ the search function of the forum to find related issues, description or explanation.

Acronym Description Class
AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Disease
AC@H AfricanClimate@Home WCG Project
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface for power managementPC Component
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber LineInternet
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port for attaching Graphics cards to moboPC Component
ALL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia form of blood cancerDisease
ARC AIDS Related Complex, other symptoms and side effect from AIDSDisease
AP Access Point, also see WLANNetworking
ASCII American Standard Code for Information InterchangeOther
ATA AT Attachment, a type of Hard Disk interfacePC Component
AV Anti-VirusSecurity
BIOS Basic Input/Output SystemPC Component
BOINC Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy aka Mad Cow Disease, also see CJDOther
BSD Berkeley Software Distribution, a Unix variationOS
BSG BOINC Simplified Graphical User Interface or Simple View, in version 5.8 and higherBOINC
CACommunity Advisor
caBIG™ cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid™Organisation
CDCCenters for Disease Control and PreventionOrganization
CJDCreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, also see BSEDisease
CNSCentral Nervous System, largest part of the nervous systemOther
CPIDCross Project IdentifierBOINC
DBDatabaseData Management
DCDistributed Computing aka Grid Computing or Parallel Computing Resource(PCR)
DCFDuration Correction Factor, also known as rDCFBOINC
DDDTDiscovering Dengue Drugs - TogetherWCG Project
DDOSDistributed Denial Of ServiceInternet
DDRDouble-Data Rate, a Type of RAM with variations as DDR2 and DDR3PC Component
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol, is a protocol used by networked computersNetworking
DLLDynamic Link LibraryOS/Program Component
DMADirect Memory Access, a data transfer acceleration technologyPC Function
DMDDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy, hereditary muscle diseases causing progressive muscle weaknessDisease
DMZ Demilitarized Zone Security
DNSDomain Name Service or System or ServerNetworking
DSLDigital Subscriber Line, also see ADSLInternet
EDFEarliest Deadline FirstBOINC
ETCEstimated Time to Completion, computed TC to finish a work unit shown Task TabBOINC
FA@H FightAIDS@Home WCG Project
FCG Fiocruz Comparação de Genomas (Genome Comparison) WCG Project
FLOPSFloating Point Operations Per Second also see MIPSPC Performance
GBGigabyte, 1,000 million bytes Computing
GC Genome Comparison, see FCG WCG Project
GHzGigaHertz, measure of frequencyOther
GMTGreenwich Mean Time, also see UTCOther
GPFSGeneral Parallel File System, a high-performance shared-disk clustered file systemServers
GUIGraphical User InterfaceSoftware
HACPMHigh Availability Clustered MultiProcessingComputing
HBVHepatitis B Virus also known Hep B, a liver inflammationDisease
HCC Help Conquer Cancer WCG Project
HCMD Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy WCG Project
HCMD2 Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy - Phase 2 WCG Project
HCVHepatitis C Virus also known Hepa C, aliver inflamationDisease
HDC Help Defeat Cancer WCG Project
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus, see AIDS and the FA@H projectDisease
HPF Human Proteome Folding WCG Project
HPF2 Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2 WCG Project
HRHomogeneous Redundancy, ensures all quorum work goes to same system typeBOINC
HSTDFHighest Short Term Debt First, see STDBOINC
HTHyperThreading, officially HTT™, a simultaneous processing technologyComputing
IADS Influenza Antiviral Drug Search WCG Project
IDEIntegrated Drive Electronics, see ATA, a type of Hard Disk interfacePC Component
IPInternet Protocol address. Variations are IPv4, IPv6Internet
ISAInstruction Set ArchitectureProgramming
IRQInterrupt RequestPC Function
ISPInternet Service ProviderInternet
JPGSee JPEGComputing
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group, image storage formatOther
LIMLeave In Memory, Interrupted tasks held in memory due e.g. scheduled project switchingBOINC
LTDLong Term DebtBOINC
MAXDoMolecular Association via Xross Docking simulations used in the HCMD ResearchProject
MDMuscular Dystrophy, see the HCMD project. See also DMDdisease
MHzMegaHertz, measure of frequencyOther
MIPSMillion Instructions Per Second also see FLOPSPC Performance
mobomother boardPC Component
MS Multiple Sclerosis, chronic inflammation of the Central Nervous System effecting muscle functionalityDisease
NCINational Cancer InstituteOrganization
NFCRNational Foundation for Cancer ResearchOrganization
NFSNetwork File System, any computer file system that supports sharing of e.g. filesServers
NRW Nutritious Rice for the World WCG Project
NTLMNew Technology LANMAN an authentication protocolNetworking
NUMANon-Uniform Memory Architecture Multi-Processor Memory ManagementPC Component
OPOpening Post or Original PosterOther
OPHIDOnline Predicted Human Interaction Database Information ResourceOther
OSOperating SystemComputing
OS-XMac/Apple Operating SystemOS
PNGPortable Network Graphics, image storage formatOther
POSTPower On Self Test, routine performed on hardware at start of ComputerPC Feature
PPHPoints Per Hour, sum of benchmark values divided by +/-480BOINC
PRRSPotentially Runnable Resource Share, to be documentedBOINC
PVPending Validation, an approval status of Work UnitsBOINC
RACRecent Average CreditBOINC
RAPDFResidue-specific All-atom conditional Probability Discriminatory Function, see NRWScience Algorithm
RAMRandom Access MemoryPC component
rDCFResults Duration Correction Factor, see DCFBOINC
ROMRead Only MemoryPC Component
RPCRemote Procedure CallBOINC
RSResult Status & ExplainedStatistics
RSIRepetitive Strain Injury due e.g. intense/wrong use of mouse or keyboardPC Component
RSSReally Simple Syndication used by newsfeeds, e.g. by WCGInternet
SATASerial ATA, also see ATAPC Component
RtRReady to Report, step in the Result reporting sequenceBOINC
SCSISmall Computer System Interface, type of Hard Disk interface standardPC Component
SMPSymmetric Multi Processing, Computer architectureOther
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol, nka Service Oriented Architecture ProtocolNetworking
SQLStructured Query LanguageProgramming
STD Short Term Debt or Sexually transmitted disease BOINC
TC'To Completion' Time or Time to CompletionBOINC
TMATissue Micro Array, part of HDC ResearchWCG Project
TSCTime Stamp Counter, method to improve accuracy of processor speed measurementCPU Feature
TTLTime To LiveNetworking
UCSUniversal Character SetOther
UDUnited Devices (Deprecated)DC
UICCUnion Internationale Contre le Cancer , International Union Against CancerOrganization
UPSUninterruptible Power SupplyHardware
URLUniversal Resource LocatorInternet
UTCCoordinated Universal Time, also see GMT
VMVirtual memory or Virtual machineComputing
W3CWorld Wide Web ConsortiumOrganization
WAPWireless Access Protocol used for WCG data transmission to e.g. cel phonesInternet
WCG World Community Grid DC
WFPWork Fetch PolicyBOINC
WHOWorld Health OrganizationOrganization
WLANWireless Local Area NetworkNetworking
WRFWork Request Factor used to increase work bufferingBOINC
WUWork Unit aka Task or Assignment or JobBOINC
XMLeXtensible Markup LanguageProgramming
XRCX-Ray Crystallography method for determining the structure of moleculesScience

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